Join us on your quest to lead a life that is not only healthy but a self-empowered life.

The entire journey of yoga is a healing journey. Healing is a way to connect to ‘life’ within you. The stresses of life force us to head into a vertical ladder, to achieve, to do better than we did yesterday, to accomplish, to outperform our competition. The endless striving is like an eternal run on a never-ending treadmill. Our health, from our heart disease to our cancer, our lower back pain to arthritic bodies, our elevated blood pressure to the feeling of being unfulfilled leaves us feeling that maybe our life’s ladder has been resting on the wrong corporate wall in the first place.

What if there was a deeper way to connect the multiple layers of life’s experiences with fewer aches and pains, fewer hassles, more harmony, with calmness, with being fully alive to the moment… what would happen?

Santosh Yoga programs have been offered in hospitals, the corporate sector, schools, gyms, courthouses, churches, and even in gas stations. Don’t’ wait for tomorrow, don’t wait to say I wished I trained with Guruji Bryant Francesco and his teachers 20 years ago. Take charge of your life, your emotions, and your self-care.

Previous offerings :

– Fiserv
– S3
– Children’s Hospital
– Aurora Hospital
– Riverside University High School
– Pewaukee Schools
– South Division High School
– Wisconsin Athletic Club
– Veterans High Court
– RASmith National
– Many a yoga centre
– Froedtert Hospital
– PT Plus Physical Therapy
– YMCA summer Camps
– Marquette University

Medical Research


We have completed research studies with Hospitals of Wisconsin in Obesity, Gait Problems, Migraine Headaches, Flexibility and Pain Management


We embrace the whole of yoga – Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, Mantra, Kundalini, Nada, Hasayee directing our practice to serve our immediate needs; be it general well-being or a dis-ease, as well as uplift our consciousness so we can live through our higher calling. You will get a workout here, but our practice is deep – not wide. We help you work in and not just work out. Focus on total holistic well-being and addressing the source of the gas leak, and not just where the fire is burning. Focus on total holistic well-being and addressing the source of the gas leak, and not just where the fire is burning. We are precise, exacting and get into the heart of what you really need to transform and uplift yourself. Our roots are from Bombay, India. Bryant Francesco the owner and director of Santosh Yoga grew up in India, training in the Eastern disciplines.

Next Steps…

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