Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your return and make up policy?

You should plan to attend all your classes for the module/program you have signed up for. If students are enrolled in/paid for a Monday night class at 6 pm for example, please attend the Monday night at 6 pm class. If you are unable to attend a class, please let us know as soon as possible via email. You may attend up to 2 missed classes in a module, in another class of that level of practice or lower only.
Up to only 2 missed classes of one module can be carried over to another module, as long as the student has paid/enrolled in the new module. Students cannot transfer their fees/enrollment at any time to another student or family member in the module, except at the start of the module.
NOTE: No makeup of missed classes will be allowed from one year to another year.
There are no refunds of any sort; for any circumstances, once class 1 of the module you joined/paid for has begun. If you are not sure you can attend classes, please re-consider prior to joining the module. By joining our modules, you agree to this makeup policy for the time you are enrolled in the program.

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Santosh Yoga Etiquette when you come to Class?

Remember when you enter our Center, you are entering a sacred space, take off your shoes and respect the ground you walk on.
Try to arrive at class on time, if joining the class late – do not enter training space during opening invocation, please wait and then join in. But remember – better late than never in class.
Leave your socks and shoes on the rugs, please do not walk with your shoes beyond the entry rug.
Yoga is practised barefoot.
Place or leave all your bags, bottle at entry, only bring your yoga gear on the training floor.
If arriving earlier than the teacher or other students please lay your gear down, settle down and start preparing for class.
It is disrespectful to leave class early without informing the teacher in advance.
If you are borrowing any of the centre’s yoga accessories, please return them in exactly the same way you took it.
Ask permission before borrowing any gear.
As a sign of respect please avoid walking on other student’s or the teacher’s mat.
Move things in the studio with your hands, as a sign of respect for your gear. DO not use your feet to move things, even small items like your yoga brick or strap.
If doing a makeup class, request permission in advance – email the teacher and get approval prior to attending the makeup class.
Please follow the teacher’s instructions, do not do any actions/ moves or postures on your own. Santosh Yoga
teachers are highly trained and try to adjust the postures to your needs. Follow the teacher’s directions when they suggest a prop, an accessory or a different position/ asana / posture than what you may be used to.
If you have practiced yoga elsewhere or a different style of yoga, you will enjoy how what you have learned gets more informed.