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Guruji Bryant Francesco has been teaching in the US. India,  Italy, a few cities in the US and a couple of stints in Rio, Brazil, Toronto, Canada, and Munich, Germany. He has taught Power yoga teachers, vinyasa flow yoga teachers, and hatha yoga teachers, he has taught yoga in almost every segment of society in the United States. He has travelled to many caves in Italy, and the central Himalayas, and has been inspired by many life-and-death experiences. He has synthesized these practices and experiences and after quitting a high-paying job in Digital Radiology in the United States in 2006, allowed his love for humanity to spread. The fruit of this is his

continued teachings, whether to a beggar on the streets of India or the wealthiest in the United States.

He teaches his students to stop waking up and looking at their cosmetic beauty but to see their cosmic beauty. He teaches his students when ‘your life force is not flowing freely you feel pain in your body, you feel stiff, you feel old. He tells students there is no such thing as beginner yoga or advanced yoga, there is just yoga. The reason you feel you are a beginner is that you are disconnected from your body, you are disconnected from the reality of LIFE within you. Most of the Western world pumps pills for pain management, while there is a time to take pain medication or any medication for that matter. What if for many there was a way to ‘wake up the life force within, wake up your own ‘painkilling tranquillizers’ What if there is a way? He says ‘If you are willing, to take charge of your ‘SELF CARE’, I have the way. The problem with humanity is it is structured like a vertical ladder, even in India  ‘people feel the need to rise the corporate ladder, mothers spend their whole lives taking care of everyone else, it’s a never-ending thrust on the outside, gives one a false sense of fulfilment. It’s never-ending as there is always something to do, something to possess, some next thing to own or diet to try…  humanity misses the point, that all of what you call ‘your life is happening on the inside. You experience it from within. So if yoga is going to serve humanity it must be practised and experienced so you can get blissed out’ from within” and not from without.

Do not do any forward bends

Ardha pawana mukhtasana

Ardha Pawana Mukhtasana (Variation)

Forward Bends ( Or medical- Flexion of the spine) are the single most common group of Yoga Asana that if done incorrectly WILL cause lower back pain in your yoga practice.

  1. Firstly if you have ANY lower back pain – e.g. the case of Sciatica ( as the sciatic nerve is getting pinched) – YOu SHOULD NEVER Bend forward from an upright position. It will put pressure on the disc, and it will push the disc to the front ( anterior), where the spinal cord is sitting in the foramen of the spine.
  2. Even if you have no lower back pain- if one does a forward bend incorrectly you will progressively cause disc issues or lower back pain.

Ardha Pawana Mukhtasana (Variation)

The best thing you can do, in the event you have Sciatica is:

  1. A modification of ardha padmasana lying on the floor
    And for lowerback pain in general you should do:
    2.Ardha pawana mukhtasana
    3.or Pawana mukhtasana
    ( picture).
    Experiences of a yogi
Muscle Stiffness

Past 50 or more with muscle cramps and stiffness, pain in the leg

The causations are:

  1. Older people have mostly never used their god-giving “will” of contracting and paradoxical stretching of antagonistic muscles for maybe 40 to 60 years.
    So What happens then, is the electric current in the neurons gets very weak, which prevents the flow of “nerve electrical energy- what is pranic shakti” to move freely in muscles, nerves, tissues and cells Especially of the lower body.

Keep in mind that 95 or more per cent of the World does not invert the body “ e.g. sirsasana, and sarvangasana, and its multiple variations- the most powerful inversions. So when you don’t, your weight is always bearing down on the lower limbs, this increases hydro-static pressure and makes for sluggish clearance of the lymphatic system. Hence nerves which are sheathed in flexible connective tissue never stretch. This will cause pain and constriction, to mention just a few long-term problems of not inverting.

Few Older people and even younger have kidney issues. This affects the Blood Pressure and vice versa. High blood pressure issues are never permanently resolved with meds, but the meds do help to suppress the problem. But is suppression a cure?

Now, If you add salt to your existing diet drink or salt to water to up your electrolytes you set yourself up for the aggravation of your pressure and kidneys.

Older people,
Have to find someone who knows
proper :
Alignment-based asana with the ability to modify as needed.

Older people and youth need to drink :

  1. Water with lemon juice (through a straw)
  2. my favorite: is coconut water.

IF One has to make specific recommendations for anyone’s health, the teacher or guide
Has to consider many important attributes.

  1. Age
  2. ⁠ health issues- existing medical complications and prior surgeries if any
  3. ⁠genetic predisposition
  4. ⁠what food on average person consumed for say a 15-year period
  5. ⁠what is the muscle tone, or basic fitness level of the individual
  6. ⁠what is the attitude of the person with the problem
  7. ⁠most important: the willingness on the part of the student to work “with IN”‘themselves
  8. ⁠and lastly a commitment to continuing growth and development of overall health

Truly I tell you “ the doctors and healers of tomorrow will
NOT prescribe medicine only, but will look at causes, lifestyle modifications, diet ( new and ancient( which is Ayurveda), nutritional supplementation of modern science, and preventative modalities like yoga.
And lastly quality exercise systems.
(one has to respect one’s age, prior or existing injury and not be in a competitive spirit, but

We have to teach ourselves our students, And our families to be full “
Conscious”, in the Eternal Now- which is the realm of living in the present!
Life of a Yogi