Become a Certified Yoga Teacher Trainer with Santosh Yoga

300-hour Santosh Yoga Professional Teacher Training Programme starts April 2025 and 200 hours Santosh Yoga Foundational Teacher Training program starts September 2025. Make sure to contact Guruji Bryant Francesco ASAP if you are interested in Teacher Training! Santosh Yoga training is rigorous, precise and detailed. No fluff stuff. Do you know how to safely use a chair for a shoulder stand inversion and work on the thyroid gland? Learn this and more! In our yoga program-study live from day one into an internship for 8 months, while studying on weekends with Guruji Bryant’s 300-page Foundational manual for teachers. Learn how to safely go into a posture, stay in the posture and get out of the posture. Learn how the posture relates to, everyday events of real life, Learn how the alignment leads you to the alignment of your LIGHT. It’s never about the Asana, it’s about using the Asana to access the wisdom of healing that is within you.

Santosh Yoga Class At Wisconsin Demonstration by Bryant F.
Yoga Teacher Trainer Feedback -Ditter

200 Hours Santosh Yoga Foundational Teacher Training Programme

Hi Guruji Bryant,
YTT was a gift to myself that I wouldn’t even have considered, had you not invited me to enrol. I felt welcome immediately and knew I had found the right place and teacher to guide me on my journey of exploration, discovery and fulfilment. I was concerned about the financial and time commitment of the program and it took me a while to make up my mind, but it was worth every penny and every minute.

My fellow students Ruby, Lisa and Stephanie have become dear friends and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to train with.

I expected to learn how to teach yoga, but was seeking to hear you speak more about the spiritual aspects and how to tie the asanas to the breath and become more introspective and that’s exactly what I got. Unfortunately, I feel like I didn’t test well when it came to the written part of the exam because even though I understood what was being taught I didn’t study the book as often as I should have. In retrospect, I would’ve spent more time reviewing what we covered each weekend more often and maybe nightly until the next weekend of training to absorb all the information and give myself an opportunity to ask questions and make sure I was up to speed and understanding what had been covered.

Since joining YTT I’ve become more present and am paying more attention to my breath, facial and body tension and developing practices to calm my mind when I’m stressed out. It brings me joy to have this awareness and a sense of control over my emotions and breath.

I’ve always enjoyed working out; hiking, biking, and kettlebell training, but this is different – it’s physically challenging but brings you deeply inward all while maintaining a deep grip on the muscles, relaxed face and stomach and most importantly allowing the breath to energize you. A lot is going on!

I’m thrilled with how much I’ve learned but wish I’d scored higher on the test. I look forward to continuing to attend classes on Tuesday and Saturday. I’d highly recommend YTT to anyone serious about seeking joy and happiness through this ancient practice. Bryant, you are an amazing teacher and I’m grateful for you and for sharing your wisdom.

Cindy D

Yoga Teacher Training Experience 

Dear Bryant Guruji

First of all, I would like to thank you for this education! You put in so much time to teach us this 200 hours program complete with our amazing textbook! You saw in me what I didn’t see in myself and you encouraged me to do a very hard thing and enrol in teacher training I have surprised myself by completing the program. My expectations were surpassed by excellent teaching. This program helped me personally by taking me beyond what I thought I could do! And then you asked me to teach two of your classes while you were in India and I felt so confident that I wasn’t even nervous and ended up having so much fun teaching! I can’t wait to teach again and I am planning to do a summer yoga program on my lawn this summer on Thursday evenings at 7 pm.

The theory combined with your teachings has taken yoga from poses, strength, and flexibility to mindset, confidence, positivity, and lifestyle. My career is in sales and now banking and this mindset has spilled over into my job and the way I handle situations at work without them affecting my mood, as in none taken personally. I receive nice compliments at work commenting on my positivity being contagious!

I will always encourage other people to try yoga because of how it has benefitted myself for the better! I have confidence that with continued practice, my health will remain awesome into old age. Not only does my physical body feel amazing, my energy is fantastic, my sleep is deeper, my stress is very low, and my outlook on life is phenomenal! Who wouldn’t want that for the ones we love?

As I begin to teach others, I want to continue my training and learning. More practice with adjustments would be very helpful to me. Also sequence writing. And knowing when someone is at their limit in a pose as compared to someone who could go further into the pose.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Santosh Yoga as I grow in this lifestyle.

Lisa N