About Guruji Bryant Francesco

Guruji Bryant Francesco Mascarenhas
Inspirational Speaker, Healer, Yogi, Researcher and Self Help Artist.

Guruji Bryant grew up in a Christ-centred life while embracing the richness of his Indian tradition. Right from the age of 10, he was drawn to a life of curiosity. He met Mother Teresa at 12 and was inspired by Pramahansha Yogananda’s life by 13. Guruji Bryant grew up in Bombay, (now called Mumbai) Yoga came to him formally at the age of 14 at his high school retreat. Since 1981 he has studied the Iyengar system of yoga. He has been practising yoga for 42 years and teaching for 35 years.

In many of Guruji Bryant’s practices, you will be filled with cutting-edge insights into science, natural therapies, yoga, movement, martial arts, common principles of various sports, and ancient insights into Ayurveda Nutrition and Diet. You will learn to live in your body and move with the grace of a ballerina,  the strength and mobility of a gymnast, the speed of an athlete, and the stillness of a yogi. You will experience what he practices. Guruji Bryant ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’, your whole idea of your body: movement and stillness will be challenged. You will question everything you ever learnt about movement and non-movement.

Quote to remember

“Remember we are all called to be “gurus” of our own life. I am a disciple of life and a master of nothing. we teach you how you can wake up the Guru in you“ Guruji Bryant Mascarenhas

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