Santosh Yoga

Bryant Francesco from Santosh Yoga

Alignment-Based Therapeutic Yoga

We teach you how to use the Vedas and yoga in class and empower you to make the connection to life’s many challenges you face. Join us on this quest to lead a life that is healthy, self-empowered and inspired.

Learn and experience yoga from an Indian Yogi, Guruji Bryant Francesco and his teachers

37 YEARS OF Teaching in India, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil

At Santosh Yoga with Guruji Bryant, you will learn the whole of yoga, from Sthula Sharira to Ati-Sthula Sharira to Antara Atman Sadhana to Parmatmaan Darshan:

  • Alignment-based yoga postures | “Asanas”
  • Yoga breathing practices | “Pranayama”
  • Japa Mantra “ Meditation”
  • Sound Modulation “Shabda Pranavam “
  • Visual Imagery and Guided Meditation | “Dhyana”
  • The latest in nutrition and the ancient wisdom of India; Ayurveda.
  • Lifestyle Modifications, Modern Diet, Nutrition and Wisdom of the Sages of India….
Guruji Bryant Francesco

Longevity cannot be guaranteed, but the yoga we teach guides us. One how to be joyful daily. When you are joyful, you lose track of time, and that’s the measure of true longevity, to be timeless!