Workshops and Events

Santosh Yoga for Martial Arts and Lay People

Sept 11th 6.30pm

Green Bay Road, Port Washington

Past Workshops and Events

Santosh Yoga Family Picnic

Saturday     August 5th – Noon to 4pm @ PIKE LAKE

With kids, grandkids, moms and dads.

Swim, play soccer, mingle and sing.

Ah, maybe some playful beach yoga too.

Organic : Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Chips & Soft Drinks sponsored by Santosh Yoga.

Please email: Sharon if you will attend, and if you wish to bring a salad or dessert to share. 

Yoga flexibility and ROM seminar for Black Belts of Tae Kwon Do.

Friday – June 16th 2023

Sussex, Wisconsin@5.30pm
With Guruji Bryant Francesco & Dr. Kroner

Santosh Yoga Family Day 

Saturday  June 10th – 3pm to 5pm – Santosh Yoga Family Tennis 

With kids, Grandpa and Grandma’s. Dads and Moms. 

Learn to play tennis with Full-time tennis coach Mike

Meet at Brookfield High School (E), Tennis courts. Please bring your tennis racket. We will have 6 spare tennis rackets.

Snacks, and  lemonade will be part of this fun event.

Cost: $0 Sponsored by Santosh Yoga

Remembering a dear friend and big
Supporter of Santosh Yoga’s vision of healing – Dr. Adam Miller


Adam passed away on May 23,2022!

you know, Sometimes we think we have all the time in the world with the people we care about , but the truth is we don’t! Some of you were his friends, some his patients and then friends, some of you were like a brother to Adam. To remember this bubbly soul of a friend, we are meeting to do something that he loved.

“Real MEN do yoga”
Venue : Atwater beach
               Walk down to the
Day : Tuesday May 23, 2023
Time : 7am to 8.15am
            Followed by breakfast
            ( sponsor’ are welcome)
If Rain: Meet at Santosh Yoga
              12745 west capitol dr,
Bring : Your yoga mat
              Trunks to jump into the
              Water , a towel
Cost :    Make a $50 or more   
              Donation to Pathfinders
              (A non profit for Troubled kids)

The worst thing we can do to those who passed away is when we forget them on the day they passed!

We hope you make it on this day  !

Guruji Bryant Francesco n Harry

India Retreat January -2023
A cultural and spiritual retreat in India / train with Guruji Bryant Francesco in his native country India. Have to be a Santoshyoga student to join.

Please Note: Registration for the retreats is closed for this year. Please contact for registration for next year’s retreat.

The TAJ Mahal India Retreat 2023
The TAJ Mahal India Retreat 2023

December 13 6 pm – 8 pm Awakening the Kundalini Shakti

Open to all levels

December 14 6 pm – 8 pm Reversing Karma

Open to all Levels


December 15 6 pm – 8 pm End-of-year Christmas Party

Santa will stop by (as his shoulder and elbow pain got better).

End-of-year walk-in classes: $25 for Santosh Yoga students

$30 for non -registered Santosh Yoga students

December 20 6 pm -7 pm

December 21 6 pm – 7 pm

For registration please email Guruji Bryant Mascarhenes Francesco

POT Luck Dinner

Pot Luck Dinner 15th Dec 6.00 pm to 7 pm

Santa Claus is first visiting Santosh Yoga, as his elbow and shoulder are getting better with our work. December 15th 6 pm to 8 pm is a POT Luck dinner ( we will cook Indian), bring your Chinese dish, Turkish, American, and greek….. to share. Bring your kids and grandkids,

See you soon,

Joyfully in the service,

Guruji Bryant Francesco

Learning how to adjust the body and mind to awaken the
Divine Feminine in Asana

May 9th 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm / limited openings left / For teachers, therapists, PT doctors, aspiring yoga teachers

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