Yoga Union

Utah Meditation with Bryant
Guruji Bryan Francesco Mascarenhas

If you learn how to wake up ‘the powers within you, you might just be able to heal from within’, you might just be able to feel more love and life from within you. When you experience yoga like this, you will ‘wake up and never have a single day when ‘you do yoga’, but you will realize that yoga is doing you. Life is happening in you, all of everything is in you, and all ‘the joy you need is within you. You will give up the pursuit of happiness, it’s a bunch of bs.

You will experience ‘how to be stoned on the spirit within you, how to be blessed from within no matter what. You will stop pointing a finger at the other, but you will turn back to yourself. You will stop blaming someone else for your problems, but you will see the light of your own consciousness. You will stop feeling helpless, or a victim of your medical crisis, but will feel grounded in the divine creator in you. You are all called to be ‘awake’, a ‘guru of life within you. It’s not easy you say, but it’s only difficult because you are ‘not willing to see and feel the light within, you are praying on the outside, you are looking up to heaven, rather you should be looking to heaven within you. It’s because you are ‘not disciplined in the path correctly. 

Forget about getting a quick fix for all your life’s challenges, it comes with long-term problems. Let the stillness of the practice be our foundation, and the silence that emanates be the path. I am guiding you, on how to direct your attention and awaken your awareness, so you can become a guide to yourself eventually. My teachings are not for the faint-hearted, it’s tough, it’s intense, but they will leave you feeling joyful, and blissed out, from the ‘creator that is within you.