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As you are guided through postures and learn the importance of life/breath work, equal measure is
gently but firmly applied to the soul. Using his soft voice and soothing demeanor, Bryant shares with
students his lived philosophy of life. Meant to help people truly live their yoga, this is a sampling of what
you’re likely to hear from Bryant.

Philosophy is only good if you can practice and learn to live it. Please read on.

What I share with you is what I have studied, have practiced, have meditated open, talked about,
taught, presented and lived in full realization of the truth.

“Your only obligation to anyone in this lifetime, is to be true to yourself and let others be true to themselves. The world will be a little more peaceful just by this”.

“If I keep healing the physical body or ailment only, the ailment will come back in a different form – one has to learn how to heal from within, one has to learn to heal the spiritual body”.

“Stop judging others – You cannot master your inner world, so long as you see someone else’s world as imperfect”.

“Many things happened to all in the past. You say you can forgive, but you cannot forget – its ok – everything happened just as the way it was meant to. The faster you come to that realisation, the faster you will learn to move on and fully embrace the present good in all”.

“Pain within just means you are living with a lot of constriction, a lot of un-happiness. Pain is your teacher, learn
how to extract it out, and you will learn what happiness is”.

“Not always we are ready to receive the truth and the light, the times that we are – its shines through”.

I have no reason to complain, only to smile, be thankful everyday and love all I meet.
ON teaching – ANYONE CAN TEACH YOGA but to teach great yoga, one has to be fearless.

If you want to know whether your yoga practice is working don’t look to see if you are just able to sweat more in a class,
or do another complicated pose, look to your life – look at your relationship with your emotions, psyche and that of your
loved ones.
Cancer may seems scary, but I tell you all our war models of healing are wrong, what if we really start loving
our bodies, loving ourselves, loving our cells, bringing more harmony, – what would happen?
We need to love more, not fight more! There is no healing in fighting yourself. The cancer is in your body, your mind,
what are you trying to fight. Your own mind and body. What kind of healing model is this?

Be careful of conflict, with yourself and others- it may be the hidden cause of most of your disease”, including cancer.

“If you want to move forward, you have to stop looking backward”.

“How can you heal yourself if you keep focusing on what is not working in your life, why don’t you put your energy
on what has to work for you”.

“If you are stuck in yesterday, thinking of all the stuff anyone has told you – that you cannot get well, then you are”.
Who is going to be able to change that”.

“You are the cause, and you are effect”.

“The entire inner universe starts to collapse when we cease to love”.

Yoga teaches us how to love ourselves. Loving yourself is not an option it’s your birth-right, and with love and gratitude everything can be healed!

In the western world we are so caught up in working out, real yoga is not about working out, but about
working in. Do you know how to work from the element of earth (prithvi) to the element of ether (akash).?

In yoga the body must understand and experience its own divine essence, remove the obstacles
and your divinity will shine.

If your practice serves your soul it is good; if it serves your ego you become more head-strong and dogmatic.
Perhaps you’ve heard this before … We are not human beings learning to be spiritual. We are spiritual
beings learning to be human. At Santosh Yoga, we firmly believe that to be true. Therefore, while we
strive to keep the body healthy and the mind and emotions stable, our ultimate goal is to keep our
spirit alive to its inner calling.

The greatest mortgage you have is not the one you owe on your home or apartment, but the one
you live in, your body.
When you are born, you are soft and flexible. On your deathbed, you are hard and inflexible. So, softness
must be the fountain of youth and hardness the disciple of death.
The art of being here and now is to be bodily now and spiritually everywhere.
Doctors say, “Take the medication three times a day for ten days.” I say, “Take my yoga practice once a day
for ten days.”
The root of sickness is unhappiness. When was the last time you were happy and sick at the same time?

The root of all unhappiness is our desires. Learn to control them through yoga and you will learn to be happy and free.

Our first duty as a teacher is to penetrate the depths of our teachings and then live their principles.

If you want to really find a yoga teacher, look to their life and how they live it.

Stuck in yesterday? Forget about the past; there is no life in it. Forget your anxiety for the future; it is
non-existant. Learn the art of living one day at-a-time, one moment at-a-time, right here and right now.
This is truth.

Ask me not who I was or where I came from. Ask me what I can become.

Real passion is when we learn to let go of our attachments.

Love what you do and do only what you love.

If you had all the money, all the health, and all the time in the world – what would you do with your life?
What is stopping you from doing it?

In Asana – the body must be the doer and the brain like a wonderful Psychotherapists, the observer

In Asana- there must be contradiction, contradiction is Universal Laws; and the Universe’s laws are Yoga’s Laws.

When you practice real yoga, it is painful for many in the west. But what you call pain, I call a good pain and awakening.
Be able to know how to induce good pain to take out the bad pain. Is it not painful to be really awake?

One of the most influential figures in Bryant’s life is Father Joe Pereira. Here’s what Father Joe has to
say about meditation and life:

We need to learn how to step out of the way and let it happen.

The more grounded we are, the more we can soar.

Valentino Mascarenhas Sr – Bryant’s Father:

In life, however advanced we get, we must always learn to revisit the fundamentals.

To be successful is to know how to smile when things go wrong.

2005 copyright by Bryant Francesco

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