Santosh Yoga


I’m writing to thank you for whispering in my ear, while I was on my legs up the wall, to concentrate on my exhale. You told me that this would give me the benefits of an inversion and help my heart. Here it is over ten years later and I still hear your voice when I’m having heart problems and I’m in the pose.

Just thought I’d thank you once again for all you gave me.



After many years of yoga practice with Bryant, I believe one of its greatest benefits is the balance it adds to my life. Be it physical by enhancing strength, flexibility, and coordination which enable me to continue other physical activities: or mental calmness, control and stability for everyday life and obstacles. Yoga is a blessing.

Thank you, Bryant



I have been practising yoga with Bryant for over 10 years.  The benefits yoga has added to my life over this time are immeasurable.  I first started yoga to help calm anxiety for a major event, and I quickly became hooked.  Bryant approaches pose with fun and curiosity, making all poses accessible for all bodies.  I have also worked with Bryant to help heal injuries, improving both back and knee pain and avoiding surgery.   But what keeps me coming back for more yoga is the importance of my time on my mat.  It is a time for me to work on the relationship I have with myself.  To slow down and listen to my breath.  The ability that Bryant has to help you turn inward is special and exemplifies the real work of yoga; the union with the divine in oneself.



Yoga Tuesday was amazing! Possibly the funniest class I ever had! Thank you so much! My back needed all that love after all the trail riding I’ve been doing. You Rock!! Have a great day and I will see you again Tuesday. I have been doing yoga for 10 years, but this is real yoga.



OMG, Tuesday was so so special—your words, and the sharing was fabulous! Thank you, Your teachings and the practice are dear to me. ❣️



Creating a Happy Healthy Heart!

A small heart issue has opened up a whole new world.  I believe my heart issue was stemmed from me bottling up my true self and hiding it deep within.  Traditionally heart issues are masked with medication, but instead, my doctor introduced me to Bryant to aid in my treatment.  I needed to find my happiness – my Zen, open my inner heart and develop a better version of myself.  This  Journey has many levels – Physical, emotional, and spiritual and Bryant’s teachings have opened my being.  I am grateful for this life-affirming venture with Bryant!



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