The aspiration to find true healing and to live an inspired life reverberates in everyone’s heart! And unless you start to learn how to listen within, you may keep having challenges in life. -Bryant


Martial arts expert shares his amazing results from doing Yoga With Bryant and he highly recommends incorporating Yoga With Bryant in students’ cross-training routine.
Master Chan Lee

6th Degree Black Belt & President, JKLee Black Belt Academy - WI, USA

Bryant being honored by Major Commander Pogue of the US Army [Chicago] for “His Excellence in Training and Support.”

US Army Commander Pogue

Chicago, US Army [Chicago]

I was born with hydrocephalus, I had a hemorrhage on the brain when I was born. I started attending Santosh Yoga with Bryant in the early spring of 2015. I felt immediate relief from the pressure headaches caused by the changing barometric pressure in the weather by doing Bryant’s yoga. The headaches subsided completely for most of the day, whenever I feel a headache now I just do the yoga techniques that Bryant taught me and the headaches are released. I have had trouble with seizure-like activity because of the hydrocephalus, the yoga helps calm my body when I feel one coming on. As I feel one coming on, I get into a relaxing yoga position and wait for it to subside. I am happier, healthier and more relaxed since I started doing yoga. I am 42 years old and finally have learned to center my qi and be more whole. Thank you Santosh Yoga with Bryant!

[Patty presented with a degenerative cervical disc, excruciating pain in the shoulder and arm.unable to move her arm without pain. What happened in 7 privates classes – twice, some once a week was a miracle. Complete recovery from all pain. ZERO pain and full range of mobility in shoulder, arm and neck.]

This is the first message I ever sent to Bryant seeking help for excruciating back/sciatica pain. “I am having an MRI tomorrow during proposed time so we need connect to set a plan. I am nervous about doing Yoga as I am in such pain now; can’t imagine even thinking about a stretch move. I know that is what I need but is mentally challenging when the pain is as great as I am experiencing.” Now, 8 sessions later I am without pain later and I have resumed most of my normal life activities. I am looking forward to a painless future that includes Santosh Yoga!


Northwestern Mutual

Happy Easter! Yes, Santosh Yoga has helped me eliminate the pain in my chest as well as my back! The positions and stretches that you taught me have been extremely helpful to my health and well-being. I have shared what I learned with family and friend who struggle with similar concerns as mine and all have been invigorated! I do my positions and stretches before I even think of reaching for the aspirin and hot pad. Thank you so much!
Ms. Fischer

We began practicing yoga seven months ago. I have had many health issues over the past decade that resulted in over 10 surgeries. The last was my third operation on my left hip after two dislocations. Sue has been having problems with her right knee and has been told there is no cartilage remaining and that knee replacement would be needed in the future. Since we began our practice with Bryant we have experienced great improvements in our lives. More peace of mind. Less pain. More flexibility. We are thankful for Bryant and his teaching and expect that yoga will be a big part of our lives going forward.
Bob and Sue

Three years ago I could barely walk without arthritic pain. I seriously thought about knee replacement surgery. A friend suggested Bryant of Santosh Yoga. Tried it with great trepidation. He has been a life changer. I can walk without pain and have been told my knees are not as swollen as they were. Try therapeutic yoga with Bryant, it is a life enhancer.
Mr. Norman

Listen I have significantly reduced my back pain, my shoulder pain. I am not so anxious. When I leave my private classes I feel I have better coping skills. My doctor scared me when he told me my prostate levels were going up. After the wholeness of Santosh Yoga my PSA levels have dropped, and I do not need any meds.

I am happy to share my feedback with the community. I am much more centered a doctor because of Santosh Yoga. I am happy to say my back pain has almost been wiped out, and my so called incurable foot-drop has gotten better. I am more conscious of the choices I make for my life and my work because of yoga with Bryant. The yoga here is deeply spiritual and yet you get quite a sweat going.
Dr. Lautz, M.D.

I had a completely torn ACL, after a skiing accident. My ortho doctor recommended surgery. I was not to happy about doing the surgery, and felt I would give Santosh Yoga a try. Bryant suggested that if I don’t get about 50% better in 4 weeks that I should go ahead and do the surgery. Not only did i get better, but in 12 weeks I am pain free. I now bike, lift weights and have no hinderance. My ACL has healed. What happens at Santosh Yoga is Bryant embraces a completely holistic approach to Yoga. Santosh yoga is powerful.

I just returned home from Wed class and feel compelled to tell you just what your classes mean to me. With all due respect to the many priests and ministers who have been part of my spiritual journey and there have been many- being with you practicing yoga with you -has always been the most profound spiritual experience for me and tonight was no exception. I have been inspired by the words of many including the pope but you speak to my soul-the feeling part of me-the inner wisdom part of me that will be with me always.

I so agree with you that our bodies speak to us -alerting us to the emotional and spiritual issues that need to be addressed- I have believed that for some time and I am so aware what my recent encounter with sepsis was all about.
thank you for being you and thank you for being in my life.


Dear Bryant,
Peace and thank you. I am far from you from doing yoga with you as I did for two and half years However, what I learned and practiced during those years have become a part of me. When you said “All great ascended masters went through a lot of pain. I too feel again I was hit with a lot of pain in my personal life, but I know that to master the human condition I have to master myself, master my pain I feel inner peace and hopeful always because the effect of the car accident has not taken away my spiritual strength. The constant pain has become a part of me. and closer to HIM. You words give me hope to embrace pain as a part of life. Thanks for your inspiring message.
God bless, you and your family. Thank you. Love you
Sister Mary Akor

Thank you for your help, positive attitude and professionalism. My back is feeling better, your classes are very helpful and gave me hope that through Yoga, I can avoid surgery!
Hope to connect again soon after my visit with Dr. Rao.
The best to you and your students Great group !

Principal of a Milwaukee School

I am a 53 year old physician in the midst of a mid-life crisis. I’ve been active my whole life and am not ready to give in to the aging process.
Therapeutic Alignment yoga and his special mix of areyverdic medicine practices, meditative guidance, Indian spices – I am back to running without pain, and have just returned unscathed from a Colorado ski trip. Bryant has guided me through this journey of what I should (and should not ) do to regain my comfort and strength not only in my knee, but in my psyche. He has given me a first-hand experience of holistic medicine that I will cherish and pass along to my friends, family, and patients.
Dr. Longo M.D.

I am a triathlete with a hip injury, currently unable to bike, run or do my regular strength training or Pilates and yoga classes due to the pain. So when I came to Santosh Yoga just over a month ago, I was extremely frustrated and sad and in nearly-constant hip pain. I’d been to five doctors, was diagnosed with femoral acetabular impingement, and had scheduled hip surgery out of sheer desperation to do something about the pain as soon as possible.
I’m optimistic that I may avoid surgery altogether, and am incredibly grateful to Bryant for helping me create the space in my hips and my heart to let my body heal. Working with Bryant has made an enormous difference for me in a very short time and I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to you.
Sue S.

Bryant is a treasure and a gift to the community, he brings light and love to all he meets. God bless him, his wife and his family.
C Flynn

I had a pipe fall on my shin while at my welding job. My meniscus tore in two. I was recommended an immediate surgery. On the behest of my wife who is certified under Santosh Yoga I took up private yoga classes for over 4 months with Bryant. Not only did my meniscus heal with significantly less pain. But I enjoyed yoga and travelled to India with my wife and Bryant on a yoga retreat.

I was told to have surgery on my knee, I am an avid golfer and not only was my need for knee surgery reversed by Bryant’s Santosh Yoga but at this point in my life I feel I cannot go a single day without Santosh Yoga.

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