Makeup & Refund Policy

Santosh Yoga Group classes Refund Policy :

You should plan to attend all your classes for the module/program you have signed up for. If students are enrolled in/paid for a Monday night class at 6pm for example, please attend the Monday night at 6pm class. If you are unable to attend a class, please let us know as soon as possible via email. You may attend up to 2 missed classes in a module, in another class of that level of practice or lower only.

Up to only 2 missed classes of one module can be carried over to another module, as long as the student has paid/enrolled in the new module. Students cannot transfer their fees/enrollment at any time to another student or family member in the module, except at the start of the module.
NOTE: No makeup of missed classes will be allowed from one year to another year.

There are no refunds of any sort; for any circumstances, once class 1 of the module you joined/paid for has begun. If you are not sure you can attend classes, please re-consider prior to joining the module. By joining our modules, you agree to this makeup policy for the time you are enrolled in the program.

A module is defined as a group class: E.g. Winter I, Winter II, Spring I, Summer I, Summer II, Fall I, Fall II. (Typically Winter, Spring, and Fall modules tend to be 7 weeks, Summer tends to be 7 weeks or 4/5 weeks  Note: This is subject to change one module prior in any year).

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